How long is your first antenatal appointment

how long is your first antenatal appointment

The first appointment with a midwife will take place either at the hospital or in a local clinic eg. children's centre, a health centre or at your GP. Your antenatal appointment schedule · measure the size of your uterus · measure your blood pressure and test your urine for protein · offer a membrane sweep. The first step is to book an appointment with the Midwife at your GP surgery, you should start as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.

How long is your first antenatal appointment -

It's important you tell your midwife or doctor if this has happened to you. When you first meet your midwife at this early booking appointment she will ask you about your medical or surgical history, previous pregnancy outcomes, any medications you take and relevant aspects of your family history. Your antenatal care is usually shared between the hospital and your GP practice where you will see a midwife. A pregnancy that is identified as high-risk, such a twin pregnancy and an IVF pregnancy, will require additional antenatal appointments to safely monitor you and your baby's health. The next step to take is to visit your GP to have your pregnancy confirmed this usually happens between week 4 and 8 of pregnancy.

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When should I make my first prenatal appointment?

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